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We are not a company. We don´t have targets nor enemies.
We are not going anywhere.
In fact, we don´t know exactly who we are, and don´t want to know either.

But we know what we love.
We love to think with others.
We love language.
We love mathematics and modelling.
We love systems.
We love machines.
We love all the things you can do with them.

We love to help and enjoy being with others.



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Agustín Pecorari

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Doctor in Computer Science from FCEN-UBA, Agustin has extensive experience in development of mathematical and simulation models in retail, telecommunications, logistics, manufacturing and energy industries.
He worked at Verizon's Global Planning Team where he earned a patent concerning business decisions on network investments. Agustin holds an Industrial Engineer degree from UBA and a MSc in Combinatorial Optimization from University Grenoble Alpes.


Andrés Mosin

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Technical service manager with focus on continual service improvement and service quality assurance. Andres worked almost his entire career for Banco Galicia, been responsible for different IT related projects and services during more than fifteen years.


Mariano Bonoli

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Mariano is a PhD candidate focused on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Models. He has extensive experience as Data Scientist on statistical modeling, predictive analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, Customer Satisfaction Analytics, Risk Scoring, Data Visualization and data products development.
His experience covers many industries such as Retail, Banking, Financial, Education, Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Contact Centers. Mariano holds an Industrial Engineer degree from UBA and a MSc in Data Mining and Marketing Research from University of Bologna.


Francisco Boerr

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Francisco started his career in the early 90's studying economy and philosophy of science at Universidad de Buenos Aires. After his first years at IBM working on business development, progressively embraced autodidactism, abbandoned college and committed full time to learn computer science, mathematics and software development self-taught, getting himself involved in both IT service management and software development projects over multiple industries until today.



We simulate electric and natural gas systems, based on mathematical programming algorithms.
The electric dispatch is optimized with minimum operating cost criterion, and the gas dispatch is carried out by supplying, according to order of priority, the different types of demands specified by the user.
The simulation step is daily with three time bands for the electrical variables, and allows to simulate multiple scenarios of hydraulic inputs and temperatures. The simulation horizon can range from a few days to several years.
These characteristics allow the analyst to carry out short, medium and long-term studies on the electricity and gas markets.


Customer Experience

Our software simulates branch office operations to understand customers experience dynamics.
To analyze the relation between capacity and demand is not a trivial task. Seasonal demands, staff schedules, machine failures, special offers and vacations are examples of determinant factors on customers experience. Business experience and historical data aren't always enough.
Given economic data and objectives, the solution can also calculate optimal capacity configuration.



A complete push boat transportation network with dozens of monthly services has been modeled using mathematical optimization.
The goal was to decide each movement, contract fulfillment sequence and resource allocation during their daily operations process.
The algorithm generates the optimal plan for the next 15 days in 10 minutes.



We developed an automated reporting solution fully based on statistical analysis for the silo bag manufacturing industry.
It consumes data directly from the PLC, calculates staff productivity and KPIs, and stores the reports on the Data-warehouse.


Project scheduling

Is crucial for any organization to decide which opportunities to embrace. That decision depends on many factors; resources availability, skills, budget limitations, expected incomes, etc.
Our solution calculates optimal and detailed schedules satisfying business and hard constraints for several hundred resources.


Network optimization

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